Show us your project, and we'll help you define it.


We study and evaluate your current , situation, your product, your location, and your needs and objectives on a case-by-case basis.



More than 35 years manufacturing and developing the products and parts that we design and install in our projects.


All our products, technology, and designs are produced completely in-house, which enables us to personalise every last detail and adapt each product to the customer’s corporate image. Together with our exclusive professional structural system, COSMOS, this allows us to find specific solutions for various spaces and architectures.

Custom light engineering.

We design unique, personalised technical projects.

Our technical department consists of a team of engineers, designers, 3D operators, and draughtsmen, who will resolve any technical issue that arises, such as a photo-realistic 3D simulation, energy consumption, technical information, lighting study, etc.

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After-Sales Service

Because we manufacture and install everything ourselves, we’re able to meet our customers’ needs in a fast and personalised way. Our after-sales and express maintenance service make Luzco one of the most relevant companies in the sector.

The response time for our maintenance service is the main reason for customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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