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Sensory Marketing

Trade in the traditional sense is going through a period of rapid change, not only in terms of buying habits, but also in terms of customer demands. We’re living in a time where each day it becomes more difficult to position physical stores against the advantages of shopping online, which is why stores have to provide a series of customer incentives that cannot be enjoyed via other sales channels.


Sensory marketing analyses show that the most stimulating sense is undoubtedly that of sight, with 90% of information received by the brain being visual.


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“You eat with your eyes first” is a very famous expression, and it’s true. Marketing seeks to play with our senses, and the star sense is sight. Marketing seeks to play with our senses, and the star sense is sight.

For 85% of customers, the colour of a product acts as a trigger for the purchase decision. Colour is the main attribute of brand recognition for 80% of consumers.

And this is where Luzco comes in. Our products break all the moulds of the traditional market, and act as the perfect ally for illuminating your store.

Our brand has been very well received in the l retail sector, with interviews in the media, appearances at fairs such as Casa Decor, training at Interior Design and Decoration universities, national conferences, etc..

Sales Network

Within our catalogue, you’ll find custom-made luminaires, projection models, linear LED systems, suspended luminaires, and many more alternatives, all available to provide the perfect solution for your business.

We fully understand the needs of each sector—clothing, accessories, pharmacies, jewellery, etc.—each of them with completely different requirements to the rest.

Our commercial network is readily available to the customer, offering the best ideas and the perfect solution for shining a spotlight on your business. Illuminating a store may seem simple, but it requires an expert in lighting technology. Knowledge is power when it comes to the application and location of the luminaires, as well as which power range, shade, and effects to choose; all of this can be decisive in obtaining the maximum return on investment in lighting.


Added Value

Important details such as the texture, finish, and detailing make all the difference to our customers. Our company is founded on the idea of providing added value to lighting products, and thus generating those visual stimuli, which are ever more effective thanks to our quality of light, unique shades, and colour rendering.

If you wish to see our new products in person, you can visit our showroom in Boadilla del Monte.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be delighted to welcome you at our facilities.





We create unique spaces to show off your products, providing all the lighting and effects necessary to highlight the qualities of each product.



We work with the special LUZ CO colour rendering index to adapt each lighting fixture, thus promoting brand image, colour shading, and business prestige.




At LUZ CO we illuminate each space and environment, adding depth and a vibrant feel to every corner. Light brings life and, of course, LUZ CO lighting brings harmony, well-being, and creates and area of comfort and tranquillity.



Our custom solutions offer a commercial solution to the restaurant sector, using our specialist aesthetic modulations to promote immediate economic impact while also supporting current development.



Do you have a restaurant, cafe, or leisure space? Would you like us to analyse how to get the most out of your space with Luzco technology? Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch.





For hairdressers, beauty salons, and barber shops, we base our projects on correctly calibrating the light in the space, avoiding glare, and, therefore, providing healthy, comfortable lighting for every corner.



In these cases, in addition to adding a differential value, LUZ CO lighting is an indispensable work tool; it helps the salesperson to carry out their work much more efficiently and accurately. All this elicits a much more positive day-to-day work environment, and a highly satisfactory customer experience.



We create specific illuminated spaces for correct daily operation. With LUZ CO lighting, new areas begin to appear within the workspace; once theLUZ CO, luminaires have been installed, corners that previously went unnoticed are suddenly brightly lit and easy to see.



If you’re not sure where to start or when it’s the right time to improve the commercial lighting in your workspace, at LUZ CO we offer professional advice and help you find the perfect. Fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you with clear, professional responses to all your questions.




Pharmacies are spaces that require special lighting innovation; they need proper lighting that provides the neat, cleanly look required by this type of business, perfectly in line with well-lit product display units.


We help to highlight products in both pharmacies and parapharmacies, where showcases, display units, and sales boxes are used to attract the customer’s attention.

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