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Luzco is a company with its own manufacturing and a line specialized in food lighting. Since its creation in 1984, it has been a pioneer in the introduction of new lighting technologies over the last 35 years, from the introduction of a single fluorescent tube, discharge lamps, halogens … ect to LED technology, the which Luzco has been developing for 9 years.

Innovation and development

More than three decades of innovation and development have made Luzco the benchmark for lighting for food on the national scene, where there are already thousands of stores with Luzco lighting.


The best lighting

Before we had the best lamps on the market, now instead we offer the best lighting that your product needs.

More than any other sector, food is surely the most sensitive to lighting, since an adequate tonality can provoke the impulse of purchase by the client.

This is where Luzco comes in, always looking for personalized advice, through the trust and know-how of our commercial team, we have managed to position ourselves as the leading company in markets, street shops and department stores.

Headquarters based in Spain

Luzco puts its delegations in Spain at your disposal, with commercial teams in constant formation, in order to advise through lighting with its own shades to help the sale.

With our range of products we manage to give our products the color and brightness they need, so that we enhance it and make it much more attractive, promoting a series of visual stimuli that favor sales. If we add to this the fact that it is a technology that does not emit heat in the direction of light, nor does it generate ultraviolet or infrared rays, we are talking about the fact that led lighting has been the greatest light advancement since the creation of the bulb.


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