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Light like never before, professionalism as always.


Year after year, our engineering team has succeeded in creating more efficient systems with increasingly enhanced colour rendering.

The chromatic reproduction of our products has continued to improve over the years. All this is the result of our desire to continuously improve our systems, and create technical lighting specific to each different type of trade.

We create experiences

Since its creation in 1984, Luzco has pioneered the introduction of new luminaire and lighting technologies, from fluorescent tubes, discharge lamps, and halogens, etc., to LED technology.


In 2008, Luzco launched its riskiest venture yet in starting to develop its own lighting systems. For the first time ever, we could use technology to create our own unique shades, developed exclusively for each sector.


At Luzco, we believe that internal management systems and organisational structure are fundamental in an increasingly competitive environment where customers are continually raising their expectations for the products they require.


We aim to ensure the consistent quality of the products we manufacture, which comply with established standards and regulations to provide safe and proper use, as well as minimise the environmental impact of our activity, guaranteeing customers full satisfaction of their requirements and/or specifications.


With a view to ensuring the quality of our services and the proper environmental management of the company, we have implemented an integrated quality and environmental management system in accordance with UNE-EN-ISO 9001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standards, with IQNET documenting its activities so that all staff know their roles and responsibilities and have easy access to raise any questions throughout the work process.


The Luzco Quality and Environmental Policy is based on meeting and even exceeding the expectations of its customers.

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