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Light is everywhere, from simple local market stalls, to small establishments, and large commercial businesses.

At Luzco, we understand the importance of having a personalised lighting system in your venue. As such, we offer comprehensive advice on the type of lighting to install in your commercial premises. Get in touch with us to discover the best solution for you.

Our job is to illuminate your project.

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At Luzco, we specialise in lighting for the food industry, commercial light installations, and developing the best lighting products for the retail sector. We apply our system to each lighting project in order to find the perfect solution for your business. These are the steps we follow:

  • We study your case and offer professional advice to help you develop a personalised project that meets all your requirements.
  • We conduct on-site demos and mock-up designs to help you understand the capabilities of our solution.
  • We design and manufacture your lights in our factory in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid).
  • Technical support, quick and easy installation, and express maintenance service.



Our products

We offer comprehensive lighting solutions. All our lighting systems can be personalised to provide you with the best commercial solution (colour, shade, decoration, and connectivity).

Technology combined with the Cosmos system—an exclusive structural lighting system to which we adapt our luminaires—which allows us to create the shapes necessary to meet our customers’ needs.

Retail projects

We design unique, fully personalised technical projects, tailored to your every need. Find out more about our retail projects.

Food industry projects

More than 35 years developing the most advanced lighting technology has made us the lighting sector benchmark for retail projects, shops, and department stores.

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