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For more than 30 years, Luzco has been manufacturing personalised luminaires. We offer you specialised professional lighting solutions for shops, markets, stores and shopping centres, customised to adapt to the architectonic and functional requirements.


We are one of the few professional lighting companies that allow a complete personalisation of the luminaires. The modular flexibility and components of our products allow us to create new and original, unique luminaires through the combination and creation of certain parts of the “COSMOS System”.

The client also has the possibility of adapting the luminaires to the Corporate Image of its business, personalising the corporate colours of your image, and including your logo, your slogan. The only limit is your imagination.

the only limit is the imagination

All our personalised luminaires are developed along one of the following product lines depending on the technology of the light source:

A) Placeholder image
Professional LED systems of long duration

These are our five most technologically advanced types according to the quality of the light, each one created and developed specifically to illuminate a certain type of product according to its characteristics and features, and caring for and avoiding its weak points and strengthening all its splendour:

Placeholder image RUBY Special for Meat
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Our exclusive RUBY tone has been developed for the lighting of meat products, strengthening the qualities of these products but above all with an excellent chromatic reproduction.

Placeholder image QUARTZ Special for Fish and Seafood
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Our exclusive tone QUARTZ was developed for the lighting of all those products that require a predominantly “white” tone, but with an excellent chromatic reproduction. Its application in FOOD is ideal for fish and frozen food, dairy products, cheese...

Placeholder image AMBER Special for Fruit and Vegetables
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Our exclusive tone AMBER was developed for the lighting of all those products that require a predominantly “golden” tone, but with an excellent chromatic reproduction. Its application in FOOD is ideal for bread and pastry shops, fruit shops...

Professional LED systems compatible with traditional systems

This series allows us to apply an easy migration from halogen/fluorescent lights to LED with immediate energy savings and an easy and rapid installation.

Our complementary family of LED Luminaires
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Designed for the “easy” substitution of traditional compact halogen and fluorescent Luminaires. it avoids large construction work with changing of appliqués. We incorporate the efficient retrofit LED lamps of great quality, which simplifies the maintenance and allows the lasting use of a luminaire (in future operations, only the LED lamp is replaced).


Conceived for “decorative” applications, by means of the use of colours we can personalise our luminaires according to the area of application. Also by means of RGB solutions with dynamic change of colours, we can make unique installations that will not go unnoticed by a potential customer.

D) Fluorescent lights C7iris
Special Fluorescent light systems
Our fluorescents with different qualities of light Luzco exclusive

At Luzco we have developed our own range of special fluorescent lamps in T8 and T5 format.

They are manufactured according to our requirements, as regards the quality of light (Ra Index), tone (Temperature of Colour), quantity of light (Luminous flow), UV radiation, heat (IR radiation) and duration (Useful light).

The variety of our lamps allows us to offer a solution for each need. Experience and manufacturing under our standards allow us to continually improve the lamps.

Placeholder imageWe have 6 varieties

  • C7iris RUBY - Special for Meat
  • C7iris RUBY - Special Protector for Meat
  • C7iris QUARTZ – Special for Fish and Seafood
  • C7iris AMBER – Special for Fruit and Vegetables
  • C7iris AMBER – Special for Bread and Pastry Shops
E) Cosmos System
Structural systems for professional lighting installations

For 30 years Luzco has been designing and perfecting an exclusive and patented structural system, of a mechanical type, that serves to provide support for complex lighting. Cosmos is capable of supporting without any construction, varied lighting systems in the same area without any construction work.

It is a system that is adapted and moulded to the existing architecture, avoiding the costly and irritating works that a traditional recessed lighting system would need. Our Cosmos system is completely compatible with all our luminaires, spotlights and lamps.

Advantages and Specifications of the Cosmos System by Luzco


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  • Adapting to the architecture and creating spaces.
  • Minimising the installation time, by means of preassembly and the interior pre-wiring.
  • Incorporating our unique luminaires to those that provide support.
  • Reducing to the minimum the construction load, by being manufactured in Aluminium, one of the lightest metals.

The COSMOS system by Luzco is composed of an endless number of different pieces.

F) Special lamps
Special lighting systems

At Luzco we have and maintain special lighting systems, such as discharge lamps, which are classified according to the gas or element that composes it:

  • Mercury vapour lamps:
    • at Low Pressure (Fluorescent)
    • at High pressure
      • of High Pressure
      • of mixed light
      • of metallic Halide
  • Sodium Vapour Lamps
    • at Low Pressure
    • at High pressure