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More than 30 years of experience are our best endorsement. Years of serious work, constant training, advanced engineering and technological innovation (R&D&a), has made us in the leading company of the professional lighting of Spain.


We study your case, give advice, design projects, manufacture, market, install, maintain and recycle professional lighting systems for all types of establishments, shops, market stalls, industrial premises and enterprises, from the small store to a large shopping center.

we design, manufacture and install professional lighting

Luzco is a company of professional lighting systems that offers an integral lighting service specialised in stalls, establishments and commercial businesses.

All this makes Luzco the leader in Spain in commercial lighting.

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Assessing the light is very difficult and we know it. In a market saturated with low-quality LED lighting. For 15 years Luzco has been making an important investment for the progress of light, creating a technical department with the presence of engineers who are experts in lighting. The aim has been to be able to create a project that complies with the expectation of hours of life, quality of light, and with the tones that can only be found in our LEDCO product range.

customer light engineering R&D&a

A quality adapted to the needs of each product (it is not the same to illuminate meat, fish, fruit, bread...). Each frequency of each beam of light created by Luzco (series: Ruby, Quartz and Amber) has been created to strengthen and enhance the visual properties of each product that you want to highlight.

We work, research, develop and collaborate actively with the following technological institutions:

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Our R&D&a (Research & Development & application) allows us to offer you the latest technology with the best quality of light ad the least consumption. we design, manufacture and install this technological system of production, making our principal differential value with respect to the competition to be above all:

Quality of Light at the most competitive price


Luzco, a pioneer company in its concern for Quality and the Environment, complies with the highest standards and has certified its processes according to ISO 9001.

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All our products fulfil the requirements of the European Directives and all the current Regulations.

we design, manufacture and install systems of professional lighting

In addition, Luzco, as a Producer of Electric and Electronic Devices, is associated with AMBILAMP and ECOLUM with which it manages all the waste generated at the end of its useful life. We seek to contribute to achieving a more sustainable world, developing products that maximise energy efficiency and minimise the environmental impact.

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A new image to celebrate the 30 years of lighting of shops, markets and shopping centres. A team of 70 professionals, specialised in this service, among which you will find: engineers, designers, production, manufacturing, lighting technicians, logistics, delegates, administration and management.

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The 100% national manufacturing of all our lighting systems in our own facilities, involves directing, coordinating and managing a group of supplier industries and trades among which are: Engravers, Tool Makers, Assemblers, Aluminium Extruders, etc.